Secretary Duncan and President Obama are changing  No Child Left Behind. The way it currently works where I teach is thus: there is a list of standards in each grade in math and reading. Children get tested on that material the following year: the school gets those results the following spring. Scores are reported in […]

falling behind

I teach kids who are behind in their reading. Some are a bit behind and some are waaaaaay behind. I teach second graders who are not yet in the special education system to see if we can turn the around before that becomes necessary. But, lately I am beginning to wonder about something. Certain kids fall behind, […]

The Great Zabski

When my son was in seventh grade, he had a less than stellar English class experience learning-wise and personailty-wise. I despaired that that would change with the next person. Then Miss Z came along in grade 8. She was unusual. She was laid back, young, and a little disorganized. I thought, “Oh, crap.” But, man was I […]

But I am a TEACHER, this is what I do for a LIVING!!!

I am a woman with no brothers who married a man with no sisters. He doesn’t understand guest towels or why I need seven pairs of black shoes, and I don’t get the big hoopla over the direction in which the lawn is mowed. We have two boys and a girl who keep our marriage […]