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falling behind

I teach kids who are behind in their reading. Some are a bit behind and some are waaaaaay behind. I teach second graders who are not yet in the special education system to see if we can turn the around before that becomes necessary. But, lately I am beginning to wonder about something. Certain kids fall behind, […]

The more things change….

When I was a new teacher, I used to think that my students would just leap to learn what I had to offer, coming to school eager to learn.  Ridiculous, as I myself hated almost every day of school from about 5th grade on. But as a newbie, I was sure we would forge a […]

Who’s your teacher? Do you like her?

The important thing about elementary teachers is that they are nice.  They read a lot of books, come in all shapes and sizes and they almost all wear clogs, but the important thing is that they are nice. When you talk with a child, one of the first questions asked is the grade they are […]

things teachers wish parents knew

Brace yourself. Sometimes teachers do not like your kids.  Sometimes they do not like us.  However, since teachers are not there to be paid companions, we find a way to bond.  We can’t get anything accomplished unless we can forge some sort of connection. We may come to a different understanding in May than in […]